Barney Design Co.

MEdia Gunslinger


Design Outlaw

Art has always been my passion. At a very young age I started avoiding school work by drawing my favorite cartoons 8 hours a day 7 days a week (such a rebel). At ten years old I was published in the Heinz investor annual in 1990 for my advertising idea for a futuristic food campaign called "Food Supplies: Eat Your Work." The idea was to make school supplies that were edible after they had been used (more rebellion disguised as compliance.) Little did I know then what it would mean for me now.

My website is in progress as you can see. I am learning how to use a new website building platform called webflow. It is quite comprehensive and powerful and I am excited to unveil my creative capabilities to the world through web design and start my online shop for prints and merch and other stuff that I have created over the years.


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