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Diffuse Design Desperado

Design is about making change. Change for good. The gunslinger rides the country taking out the bandits of attention with the weapons of good design. There are good people in this world who want to design things that are good for us. You are one of those people. So is the gunslinger. This is why you are here. To join forces and annihilate the enemies of a better world.

So, if you have come to these parts of the internet and you are interested in making a difference with great design, fill in the two little blocks of info below and I will reach out to you very soon. Don't worry, I won't send you ANY automated bull$&!#. I hate that. I will probably write you personally. If I do send out a mass email, it won't be automated and I won't be selling you anything. You have to ask for that. ;)

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