Water and Branding

Whats inside what's inside the jar? No, it's not a typo. I did ask what's inside what inside

When we encounter design, we often ooh and ah at the branding and the packaging and the trim job and the "bag appeal." Why don't we more often admire better qualities such as the ecologically friendly nature of the packaging or even more important, where the water comes from that waters your plants and how much it takes to irrigate your crop? The reality us, underneath all of the shiny foil our perception of a brand is really about what we really believe the product is made of. Not only philosophically but also tangibly.

Enter the queen of water friendly crops, dry farmed agricultural cannabis. That's right friends. No water. In the right location, cannabis succeeds incredibly well at being dry farmed with nearly zero surface watering.  The cannabis tap root finds it all from the ground. If you don't believe me, ask Sunshine Johnson or Chrystal Ortiz.

The design thinking gets really fun here because it can impact large scale agriculture. Regenerative farming is here and we would do well to start designing our laws and infrastructure around it.

Dry farming prime ag locations? You can't dry farm just anywhere, it takes some specific ecoligical scenarios to be readily available and the farmers doing it need to be supported.

From a state perspective, identifying dry farm prime ag and giving it preference for cannabis permitting because of it's ability to  make better cannabis on less resource is incredible important for many reasons.

Saving water resources by not extracting water from surface water systems.
Solving issues arising from drainage and leeching of even the most organic of compost.
Rising quality of cannabis by the nature of it growing directly in the native soil as opposed to lots of imported dirt
Creating a better understanding of terroir and Appalachia through more direct association of plant to local environment and soil.

This is just the beginning. There are so many reasons to find and support sun grown, dry farmed, regenerative cannabis that when we have/find the option, we ought never choose anything else.

Jesse Barney

January 17, 2020