Strip Away and Level Up

When we are working on our brand, whether it be our personal brand or our company brand, we tend to focus on all the details of how awesome we are. As we should. That’s how we can show depth and breadth. That’s where extra value can show up. We all like to show up with extra value.

However, sometimes we rabbit trail on details that are not related enough to our core even though it is very exciting. For this reason, it is always helpful to have a process for revisiting your core in every detail you are adding.

You might be an incredible host and really good at Emceeing events. Adding public speaking to teach others about your skill not only adds value and teaches your customers about what you do and why it matters, it also rounds out your MC skills with a different skillset of speaking. Also, you will gain a tribe of other people like you who will inspire you and vice versa, which will help you get better as well.

However, when it comes to learning architecture and space design and worrying about how people are moving around in the space where you are Emceeing, you might be better off finding someone who focuses on that so that you can focus on the content.

The way to understand how to set goals and approve the growth decisions you are making is to always refer back and strip away the details to see if the core truths relate.

Content of communication and style of delivery for hosting a party is very different that creating wayfinding and flow in a space to get people to be in the right place and mood to receive that content and style at the right time.

Of course the MC and the architect would do well to learn language that allows them to communicate back and forth so that the MC understands how the architect can help their content and vice versa.

This is a core function of the practice of minimalism. Take away the unnecessary details and reveal the inner kernel of truth of your brand. Once you do that, you can see the relationships, the needs, the attributes you need you gather to round out your skill.

This reminds me of Role Playing Games. You can’t make a super character. You can’t have a wizard that is also really a strong warrior AND a sneaky assassin AND a charismatic thief.

You have to choose what your character is at the beginning and as you go through the game and level up, you choose the attributes to strengthen and the ones to leave weak.

You then shore up your weaknesses by adding members to your adventure party. A wizard travels with a rogue scout and a warrior and a thief. This is why we have organizations and companies. This is also why, if you are a freelancer, you need a network of people that you can refer, so you can always take care of any need even if it is not your skillset.

Strip away the details, remember the main attributes of your character (brand) and make sure you are adding the right skills and party members as you level up. If you find that you are doing something useless, be gentle on yourself, it’s totally okay to get distracted. Just put it down and refocus your energy.

Happy Sunday and enjoy focusing your efforts.

Jesse Barney

January 26, 2020