Why I Write a Blog Post Everyday

The reason I write a blog post every day is manifold.

Meaning it has many folds. There's many different reasons. I may not even in this moment, remember all of them, but the first and foremost is fairly selfish.

Well, it's not selfish. It's complicated.

I know that I have a gift of speaking to people. I always have. It's why I excelled in Bible College. It's why I taught classes in Bible College before I had graduated. It’s why I was always at the top. It's why I was selected by the pastors to be the next pastor. That's why they sent me to Africa. All of that, because I'm gifted with words. And not necessarily that I'm a gifted orator in the sense of having a great vocabulary or anything like that. I have some ability to tap into people's inspiration. And it's totally God given. It’s definitely a Spirit filled activity. It's just like an ability that I have.

So knowing that, and then knowing that I have a passion for art and drawing and communication... All of this comes back to communication. Everything we do is communication.

You build a house, it's communication. How? You're communicating with every family that's going to live in it for the next 50 years. They're living inside of what you built them. What they're going to experience for 50 years, is what you built. Who you are. If the house falls down, they're going to say to themselves, "that person's a piece of shit. They built a shitty house, they don't give a fuck. They don't care that people are going to live in this house for 50 years and it fell apart before 20 was up." So they learned your character. They communicate with you by living in the house.

A painting, a drawing, a song, a poem. It doesn't matter. A blog post, a social media post, a tweet. Everything is an experience of interacting with who you are. Now, just like Seth Godin says, not only do we have to show up, we have to show up well.

Anybody can write a blog post. Anybody can build a house. Anybody can write a song. Anybody can do all that. But did you do it well? Not only did you craft the song well, but did you publish it well? Did you put it out there well? Did you put it to the people well? Did you describe it well? Did you do the liner notes well? Did you write the album notes well? Did you take photography of the recording process and publish that inside the liner notes well?  Did you do all of that well, all of that communication? Like, you think you just want to put out a song… There's so much more to it than that. Did you save the original lyrics? Did you take a picture of that? You see what I'm saying? Did you perceive how, if you wrote a great song, everyone's going to want to know everything about it, not just hear the song? They're going to want to know why you wrote it and where you were when you wrote it and who you were with and what inspired it and what the story was and how you got to the studio, who you recorded with… All this stuff. Right? (I realize I wrote all of this referencing LP records, so really, the “liner notes” is a website now and I am aging myself a bit by writing that, but it’s fun.)

These are the things that people discover when they're living in a house for 50 years. It all gets uncovered. You learn the whys as the house ages. The way that it ages teaches you about the carpenters, you learn about who they were, as it ages. Right? You see what I'm saying? It's all the same.

So why write a blog post every day? Okay, well, I'm a designer. So ultimately, I'm in the field of communication. I make money based on how good I am at communicating. In communicating, first, if I’m going to communicate well, I have to understand why I am communicating. Which means I have to understand what it is in the culture that I see that I am seeking to change.

Okay, then it requires another thing, empathy. I have to see the person that I’m speaking at or to, and I have to really understand them.

This is what we're talking about, right? But what you don’t know is that for me, this morning, I don't know what to write about. Because I'm looking at you, my audience and I kind of feel like I've gone through a lot of stuff. I know, there's stuff I haven't covered, but I want more of a sense of what you want to know.

I'm not getting that feedback as well as I should, which means there is stuff I'm not doing. So this is all self analysis. This is why Iwrite a blog post every day. Because, 55 posts into this particular blog… I'm going, uhh, I don't really know what my audience wants.

Well, that's not your fault. I just looked at my site analytics. In the last three months, I've had 1000 different people visit my site. I have 100 people who visit once a week. I have 400 people who visit once a month. Like, they're regulars. There's 400 people in the world, who once a month, come check out my website. I don't even know why! They're, they're looking at my graphics and they're looking at the blog. They're looking at everything. So I have 100 people who do it weekly, and I have 10 who look daily. I forgot to post to social about yesterday’s blog. Even though I failed to finish publishing, I did write my blog post and put it on my site. The bare minimum.

I still had 10 people who went to my site, because they expect me to write something. So, they're going and checking whether they see it on social or not, because they like it. So there's 10 people in the world who read me every day. Those people are the most important readers. I know one is my mom. I know one is my partner. So there's two. I know another is probably one of my kids. There's a friend of mine, Adam Ehlers who reads my blog all the time and let’s me know it. Steph Gibson, that’s five. So I know who a few of these people are. There's a couple I don't know who they are, I just know they know me.

So, the reason to write a blog post, coming back full triangle, is, learning to identify those people I'm writing for, the ones who are reading me...

Now the challenge to me is, How do I get feedback from you? How do I inspire more of you to talk to me? I'm doing a lot of talking, a lot of writing. You’re doing a lot of listening and a lot of reading. You’re coming back regularly. That's great. I love that. That makes me feel good, because it lets me know that I am bringing something of value to you.

I don't necessarily know what the value is, so why keep writing? It’s like a shot in the dark! Because the more I write, every day that I put out something, I increase the chances of:

A. Me learning how to have more empathy for you and understand you more and understand what you want and need me to write.

B. Refining my skills of writing and creating graphics that go with the story or the lesson with zero direction. But the writing skill I'm really working on is not the technical part of writing. It's the seeing. It's the seeing myself and seeing the other people. The mental work of doing this seeing, enhances everything I do creatively, because it's the act of training myself in the right mindset.

That's why I write a blog post every day.

Peace and Love and I hope you are inspired to excel in your communications today!

Jesse Barney