We are Getting Married!

The End of the World Sign
Wonder Valley, California
January 28th, 2023

As many of you know, it’s been a tumultuous many years for both of us. Divorce, homelessness, moving, chasing work, trying to be good co-parents and in the middle of it all trying to build a solid happy relationship.

The truth is it is has been hard af. Nearly impossible. We’ve been like a rollercoaster, and for those of you who have put up with it, we are grateful and sorry. Ho’oponopono.

It’s been extra hard the last year. Gwynne moved to Portland to be with her kids  in April and I stayed on in LA plugging away at a job with a team that didn’t deserve me and didn’t support me nearly to the level I was promised.

Moving on to now, with me having just moved out of LA, leaving my whole life behind in a free pile on the street to move north to Spokane to take a job as a hash maker. Gwynne getting a promotion, moving her family to Spokane to take a Manager position at a grocery store in the next two weeks. It’s a very divine and difficult set of circumstances. 

It just so happened that Gwynne got offered the promotion, then the next day found a very large house that is somehow the most affordable house west of the Rockies. Not to mention it easily fits all 9 of us. The day after my homie Nick called and offered me a job as well in the same town, totally unrelated and having no idea about Gwynne or the house. The challenge has been that we have no resources to make this transition and it has been happening because of the good will of several of our closest friend and family. We aren’t there yet, the next two weeks are proving to be just as dramatic and difficult as the last four. We have a lot of moving pieces to complete to get to the final destination yet so if you have any ideas or help please reach out, we are almost there and need the most help we’ve ever had to ask for.

In the middle of all of this, a dear friend of mine asked me to officiate her and her fiancés wedding on the 28th. The wedding is going to be unusual already, and they bought us both plane tickets to attend, so I decided to ask Gwynne to marry me on the same weekend.

She said yes, and so did our friends, who thought it would be awesome to do a double wedding. 

So now we are doing a double wedding and getting married on the 28th of January 2023 in Wonder Valley, California at the End of the World Sign.

We have never had better communication and been of a clearer vision for ourselves and our families. Moving to Spokane will allow both of us to have stable day jobs that we enjoy while we build our Brand Design Agency business, Barney Design Co. all while being very close to our 7 children which is the most important.

It’s the end of the world. And the beginning of another. A better world where we choose to lay down our pasts, wounds and traumas and heal together. 

You might say that this makes our whole next few weeks more complicated, and we would agree, in the short term it does. However in the long term it serves us. We don’t want anyone else. We want to live our lives together and serve our families and friends and clients and settle into stability for good. We need each other and we help each other and we complete each other.

We know it’s super soon, and we are doing it on zero budget, but if you would like to attend we would love to have you and see you, we just will not be providing any of the normal wedding services that take lots of money like catering and such. There is however a bar and restaurant very close that will have food and drinks available for purchase, and of course you can BYOB etc…

There’s lots of airbnbs and you can camp nearly anywhere around on BLM land in the area so if you would like to join us as we lift off into the greatest commitment of our lives, please do, we would be overjoyed to see your face on this day.

We love you and we look forward to celebrating with you in person the next time we see you!

Jesse Barney

January 20, 2023