The Revolution Will Not

The revolution will not happen on someone else's platform.

The revolution will NOT be viral. Unless we start using our own platforms and ditching those controlled by massive corporations. The only way out is to use all the marketing and communications knowledge we have gained as humans to build out our own platforms and host our own content and drive our communities there. Otherwise our attention will continue to be the commodity sold to producers who only want us to consume.

This is one of the reasons I built my own site and I keep working on it and changing things and adding content. I won't be constricted to instagram and facebook. This is also why I would ask you, if you are reading this, and you like connecting to me in this deeper way, please send me a real email. Tell me who you are. What you are about. I am genuinely interested. I will email you back. I won't send you sales emails or anything, unless you tell me you want to see my merch designs when they come out. I will reach out occasionally when I see something really important going on and will occasionally ask you to confirm that you still like the emails you get from me.

Oh, and if you reach out because of this blog post, let me know, it gives me an understanding of where you are coming from.

Let's make our own television.

Jesse Barney