Social Media, Choice, Reflection and Consistency

I just had a very interesting aha moment. Yesterday, I was watching a young person's Instagram story. She spent the time to make 20 slides about her best friend, writing about how excited she is to live life with her best friend.

I found it interesting that she spent so much time and was so deliberate.

And it made me think about social media, choices, reflection and the impact on consistency of choice.

It strikes me as pretty rad that she has ability to spend so much time writing down how much she values her friend and then have the ability to see the resulting reflection that social media enables. She will likely revisit these slides many times in the years to come. This will cause her to have a deeper, more tangible reality to the choice that she's made in loving her friend over time, and it will make her more likely to keep that friend closer for her entire life.

In contrast, I find it interesting that in my generation, we were not able to do such things. I don't have connection to very many people from my childhood. We didn't have social media and my generation’s parents often moved chasing their career. So we were often torn apart with no way to stay connected. Also, my generation was not great at writing letters. We were caught in between the analog culture and the new digital consumerist culture. So, we lost a lot of those youthful relationships.

It make me happy to see that social media can benefit young people in this way, through their newfound capability of continuous reflection on the choices that they make, as they make them. I hope they learn to use it to its full advantage. I hope they see that the choices they make matter. I hope revisiting recordings of their choices helps them refine and direct consistency in those choices.

I hope as well that we all are learning to do the same.

Peace, Love and Rock’n’Roll

Jesse Barney