Memento Mori

Death is scary. We don’t like to talk about it. However, I think that mindfulness of the end of life helps us shape our approach to communication, relationships, leadership, family life and more. I have to admit, I do have a view on death that is somewhat surprising and exceptional to some. I believe that this life is a beginning, an introduction. We are like seeds growing into plants and the day we die is the day the seed dies and becomes what it is meant to be. I believe there is deep meaning to the sun spending it’s life force to give the solar system energy for life. I believe that metaphor is resonant in everything in the universe. There is no life without death. To eat is to absorb the nutrients and life force of another in order to live another day. I believe that metaphor of infinite universal sacrifice is a giant hint at the truth behind the veil.

Now that I have taken you a least a bit behind the foundation for my thinking, here are three things I believe the correct mindfulness of death helps us with:

1. Creating the need to pass on our knowledge.
When we are aware of the passing of life, we value our most treasured lessons and are more inspired to share and teach. If we have never taught, then we should gain even more inspiration to learn to share. Documenting and sharing our deepest and most treasured knowledge is most assuredly a high form of love.

2. Giving us presence to speak what really matters in this short breath of life.
Related to the first point, it is in the stripping away of things that don’t matter and speaking only the things that do. We don’t have time to waste on frivolity. When we realize this, we spend more time with people that matter, doing and saying things that matter.

3. Giving us thankfulness for all that we have in this present moment.  When we are aware that change is always inevitable and nothing we have will last, we are more aware of how beautiful the passing moment is. This gratitude becomes a deep wellspring of joy

I hope this post gives you presence today and that you in turn give your gratitude and love to all around you as we all love you and are also grateful that you are in our life today. I am excited to continue this infinite journey with you, and you hope you are inspired to get out there and Stir the Pot.

Jesse Barney