Make ‘Em Think it Was Their Idea

This phrase gets tossed around a lot in the creative world. Especially involved with anything we have to pitch.

But there is a better way.

Just spend your time and energy finding out what your clients best idea is. Bring it out of them. Shape it as it comes out and reveal the truth of their excellence.

This means that the heavy lifting happens in the research phase. The interviewing and the reading, and the looking at reports and numbers and doing equations.

So rather than bringing our ego to the table as creatives and trying to figure out how to trick the client into our “genius,” let’s get  inside their world and make them look the best that they can to the outside world.

That way we are on the same side of the table and the client feels that we are on their team.

This philosophy works for more than just a client relationship. It can help you understand your spouse or significant other better, or any relationship really.

Try it! It’s fun and it gets results!

Jesse Barney