It'll be Quick

It will be quick is an easy thing to say. Hey! I saw you know how to make money on investing, can you help me? It'll be quick. Hey! You're a mechanic right? My car wheel is making weird sound... it'll be quick.

The problem with it'll be quick is that it completely overlooks the years of study and dedication it took to get to a place where the professional can quickly do something that for you is nearly impossible if not totally so.

When we hire professionals we don't just hire them for the hour. We hire them for their blood sweat and tears, the dues they've paid, their experience. That's why we pay professionals 100+ an hour and sometimes up to $400! Because we aren't buying an hour. We are buying a lifetime of knowledge and expertise for an hour, and there’s a big difference.

Jesse Barney

September 30, 2020