Forthright and Fearless

We all need more forthrightness in our communication. Especially when we feel resistance to being upfront. This resistance is the clue telling us that we need to pay attention and be even more forthright and clear.

When we encounter this resistance to upfront clear communication, to spelling out what's going on within, without and around us, then we need to even be more conscious of that resistance and work to be in control.

Forthright is an interesting word because being forthright means we come first, we proceed directly forward. It means we don't wait for a response or a question. We don't wait for someone to interact and possibly have their own interpretation. We come out first, and we clearly describe exactly what's going on, what the intentions are and everything that we need. If we feel sensitivity and resistance to being forthright, that's when we  need to do it the most.

That's when we  need to realize that if we aren’t forthright, we give in to the resistance and we create problems.

Every time this is about to occur, that resistance is a warning flag that says, “if you don't come out and describe all of this, it's going to create a big problem.” And that's actually what we’re afraid of. We are afraid of not handling it correctly and then creating further problems because it wasn't handled correctly. Then, we don't handle it at all, because we are afraid and we obey resistance rather than saying to ourselves, “I need to handle this, and it's better to handle it poorly, upfront, than to not handle it at all."

So, we must fight the resistance to being forthright.

When we encounter this resistance to being forthright, that is the signal to do even more work, as the resistance is highlighting the need to clear the board before we even start.

Jesse Barney