Feedback isn't valuable unless you give it. We all see feedback forms every day, at the restaurant, on the website, in the email, they seem to be everywhere. We don't like to use them.

I believe the reason, is because we don't really believe the form asking us for feedback to be genuine. Somewhere along the line we have learned to innately and immediately distrust organizations.

When the truth is, that organizations are run like people who are much like us. Where this brings us is, do we ourselves ask for feedback authentically or is it just a ruse? If it is a ruse, I contend that people can smell it. But when it's authentic, it feels great to give feedback and see that feedback result in positive change for the person or company whom you gave the feedback to. So feedback is only valuable when it's given and also only valuable when it's received.

The question I am asking is, what are we doing to receive feedback more often? Also, are we taking time to give the services we use proper feedback?

Jesse Barney