Designing the Free Ounce

Yesterday I wrote a post about the industry's need to race to the top when it comes to craft cannabis and the small grower.

My dear friend Richard Eastman reminded me about the other side of the spectrum. Free Weed and the end of Corporate Greed.

I am also very passionate about this subject, as I have seen first hand the impact cannabis has on so many medical conditions. I have also seen the impact cannabis has on the health and wellness of people who are not ill, if used properly.

The question is, how to get there? How do we get free weed without eliminating the craft market I spoke about yesterday? I think the answer is simple. Maybe.

Treat raw cannabis as a vegetable. #acannabisplantineverygarden

Our cultural understanding of cannabis needs to shift. Juicing raw cannabis leaves and flowers everyday is one of the healthiest things anyone can do for themselves and their family. Raw, fresh cannabinoids are non-psychoactive and treat many of the health and wellness issues so many are looking to alleviate and then some.

One of the challenges is that we need a national education campaign on this fact while educating people that if they cook the same cannabis it will change the properties and unless the person cooking the cannabis really knows their stuff, you will get wildly unpredictable results.

If more people in our communities were growing cannabis as a vegetable, then those who need free access could more easily obtain it. And no, I don't think it would compromise the elite, handcrafted cannabis market. If anything, I think it would highlight the difference between master growers and the rest of us and make their skill even more valuable.

Jesse Barney

November 25, 2019