Bridging the Gap

The bigger the gap from where we are to where we want to be, the more tension we feel.

The problem is, is that in order for us to cross the gap from where we are to where we want to be, especially if there's a really big problem, like we've made a really big mistake, and we have to realize that we're really far from where we want to be because we made a mistake and we went a long ways down the road, the wrong direction. We have to undo all of that, go back to our mistake and then start down the other direction, the right way.

So just as big as that gap is when we realize we aren’t on track, that's equal to the amount of patience and gentleness it's gonna take for us to do the work that It takes to get across that gap.

If we lose patience with ourselves early and get frustrated, then we won't get the work done. We won't do the work. We'll get depressed. We'll get anxious. We'll feel any number of things that can slow us down or stop us.

But, if we stay patient and we say to ourselves, “you know, this just takes a really, really long time and a lot of dedicated work.” It becomes easier. Every day we wake up, there's gonna be hurdles. We can't wake up today and pretend there's not going to be hurdles to cross. There's going to be hurdles to cross today. There's gonna be hurdles to cross tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and the next day and for the foreseeable future. And the stress of having to do that will not go away.

Therefore, we need to be patient. Relax about our expectations and just work hard and jump the hurdles without causing extra stress. We don’t need to be stressed that it's taking so long and we feel like we’ve worked so hard, and we aren’t there yet. We don’t need to add that to our work.

Do we see how we feel how far we have come and we are complaining about how far we have yet to go? That illuminates how much work we still have to do.

So the complaining we feel is the truth.

It's telling us we’re not where we want to be. “This sucks,” It says. Well, however intense that feeling is and however far away the answer feels, that's exactly how much work we have to do. So the sooner we shut up, choose patience and work on getting there, we actually start getting there sooner.

The point is to recognize our own inner dialogue and give it a frame that helps us rather than hinders us. Feeling challenged and inspired by a large task is a razors edge away from feeling debilitated and depressed. It helps a lot to sway the needle if we are mindful of our inner voice and choose to see the optimism our frustrations point out to us.

I hope you enjoy your day and you find peace in chasing your vision with patience as you run the road of life.

Jesse Barney