Jesse Barney

Design Gunslinger

Art has always been my passion. At a very young age I started avoiding school work by drawing my favorite cartoons 8 hours a day 7 days a week (such a rebel). At ten years old I was published in the Heinz investor annual in 1990 for my advertising idea for a futuristic food campaign called "Food Supplies: Eat Your Work." The idea was to make school supplies that were edible after they had been used (more rebellion disguised as compliance.) Little did I know then what it would mean for me now.

I am an experienced craftsman in many fields of art, design and communications. I have a wide background that has led meto a unified philosophy that the underlying foundation of being a maker is the desire to connect and communicate. We are successful when we understand our audience and we are able to help them understand us. See and be seen. Hear and be heard.

Gwynne Fox

Office Manager

Gwynne is a superwoman. Mother of 3, community manager, producer, shipping and communications expert. She representst the best in BDC client service and care. Running in with feminine magic to bring an extra level of deep spirituality and love to every connection is the way of the Fox.