BDC Podcast episodes

005 Happy Impulse

In this episode, Jesse interviews Roberta Hall, the Bruce Wayne behind Happy Impulse. Starting with the why behind @happyimpulse art, they launch off into conversations about mental illness, hope, design purpose and more. The music and SFX in this episode are extra special as well, so we hope you enjoy listening!

004 Jusup11

In this episode, we meet Jusup Sandoval, the creator behind Jusup11, a YouTube channel focused on fun, interactive video content, where you get to join in through scavenger hunts, giveaways and other games. We talk about the creative grind, the self challenges Jusup pushes himself through and so much more. It is sure to be a fun and inspiring episode, enjoy!

003 The Pinsky Triangle

In this first guest interview with Jason Pinsky, we talk about Jason's path that led to his expertise in plant medicine, entheogens, virtual reality and more. Episode Notes Jason Pinsky is a luminary in cannabis. With deep history and connection to AJ Sour Diesel, Chemdog 91, The Grateful Dead, Phish and then stepping into being the world's first 'Cannabis Producer' on VICE's Bong Appetit as well as being the first 'CCE' or 'Chief Cannabis Evangelist' at the worlds biggest cannabis delivery company, Now he is continuing to expand his cannabis media expertise and influence while moving into new points on his triangle, VR and entheogens. It's an exciting episode, and I hope you enjoy it.

002 Format

In this episode, Jesse covers his thoughts on format and how he is going to approach the production from here on out.

001 Introduction

Jesse Barney introduces himself and some subjects he will be discussing on the show. Design, spirituality, business leadership, minimalism, Phish, Jam Bands, music in general and so much more...